The Unofficial Protocel Eating Plan

The Unofficial Protocel Eating Plan

Protocel is a non harmful alternate cancer procedure. It really works a little in another way than other different solutions in that it doesn’t operate by trying to strengthen the immune technique so that the pure immune procedure can combat off your cancer. Protocel operates instantly over the cancer cells by starving them of ATP, (adenosine triphosphate,) that is how both of those healthful cells and most cancers cells get their electrical Electrical power.

Most non toxic alternative cancer treatment plans involve rigid dietary improvements to reinforce the immune procedure. Many of these dietary modifications contain switching to an alkaline diet plan, going vegetarian, and limiting substantial glycemic foods. A lot of these meal plans will function with Protocel also, but that isn’t the key issue. The first dietary worry though using Protocel should be to limit feeding on foods that actually interfere with Protocel, and can result in it to become ineffective.

The 3 primary dietary problems are:

Vitamin C


Vitamin E

First, Vitamin C, experts on Protocel say to consume no more than one hundred mgs. per day. Will not take in any citrus fruits or juice. You may just do an internet research to determine the Vitamin C content of the fruits and veggies you like to take in. Appears fairly simple. Make an effort to try to eat each some fruits and veggies daily. Another factor, you could try to eat cooked veggies since cooking your veggies virtually destroys the vitamin C.

Points are a tiny bit considerably less crystal clear In relation to Vitamin E and Selenium. Though it is thought that Vitamin E and Selenium interfere with Protocel, the authorities usually are not confident precisely just how much can be properly eaten. I will list the best 10 foods with the best Vitamin E and Selenium material, and after that I’m going to make some recommendations centered on my own activities.

Leading ten foods superior in Selenium

1. Brazil nuts

two. Shellfish, oysters, mussels, and whelk

three. Liver

four. Fish including canned tuna

five. Sunflower seeds

six. Bran, wheat, rice, and oat, incorporates wheat germ

7. Caviar

eight. Bacon and pork chops

nine. Lobster and crab

10. Shrimp

I would like to provide you with some guidelines on Selenium based alone research and practical experience. First of all, Brazil nuts are just from the charts in Selenium material, so I might endorse completely being away from feeding on Brazil nuts. Almost everything else over the record might be eaten carefully. Allow me to outline what I necessarily mean by, “carefully. ” No more than 2 times each week, and afterwards only in modest amounts. For instance, canned tuna, no more than frac12; cup. When consuming any kind of bran, no more than frac12; cup. Almost any fish, shrimp or pork chop, a portion regarding the dimensions within your fist or maybe a deck of cards is a great guideline, but once more, no more than two times a week.

Leading 10 foods large in Vitamin E

one. Wheat germ oil

two. Sunflower seeds

3. Almond butter

four. Almonds

5. Sunflower oil

six. Safflower oil

seven. Hazelnuts

eight. Peanut butter

9. Peanuts

10. Cooked Spinach

The recommendations for Vitamin E are comparable to Those people for Selenium. Wheat Germ oil is just about from the charts so I might unquestionably remain totally away from that, (and wheat germ usually for instance. ) All the things else might be consumed carefully. I feel the important matter Here’s to take in little parts. The vast majority of things shown are nuts and seeds, so I’d personally say no more than an ounce or about 2 tablespoons and after that no more than the moment per day. Personally, I choose foods at the bottom on the checklist and stay away from the foods at the top of this record. As an example, for Protocel users, peanut butter is a lot better than almond butter because it has much less Vitamin E.

Now I desire to tell you about my own eating plan which i’m making use of even though on Protocel to take care of my breast most cancers. I am not particular that I’ve obtained it all discovered but, and i am however on a learning curve so I’ll just provide you with the very best data which i can.

First off you might want to steer clear of all refined sugar. You should also avoid white flour, white rice, and pasta, (you can have entire grain pasta or brown rice. ) It’s because cancer cells love to feed on sugar. Fortuitously, changing sugar having a healthier substitute like Stevia tends to make sacrificing sugar quite easy to do.

For breakfast I normally try to eat a buckwheat pancake with a few clean fruit on top rated both a sliced banana or raspberries. Which is since that just happens for being what I like to take in, but you will find unlimited options. You might have eggs and full grain toast, oatmeal, full grain bagel and product cheese, buckwheat or whole grain pancakes, virtually anything you prefer provided that you Stick to the guidelines I have shown.

For lunch I almost always eat rooster or some hormone no cost beef. Once more, There exists a ton of flexibility with Anything you might have with it. I’ll record a lot of the decisions which i like but so long as you stay throughout the tips it is possible to essentially love your favorite foods. You could have to only tweak them just a little to make them a bit more healthy, like substituting Stevia for sugar and full wheat flour for white flour. Below goes:

one. A sandwich built with Ezekiel 4:nine bread or full grain bread

two. A salad with iceberg lettuce, A few cashews or almonds, grapes, goat cheese and sugar cost free dressing.

three. Homemade vegetable soup or chili

four. Tacos, tostadas, or simply a burrito built with Ezekiel four:nine tortillas.

5. Hamburger with a complete grain sugar cost free bagel.

six. Most cooked greens, (I rarely consume possibly fresh new or cooked broccoli or cooked sweet potatoes given that they are rather large in vitamin C, while once in a while in little amounts It truly is Alright, ie. one/two cup. )

For supper I primarily continue to be vegetarian, while not constantly. I’m significant on unique varieties of legumes. I make killer lentil soup, black beans, and fava beans. I really like taking in nutritious foods, but if you are not a overall health nut like me that is Okay, there actually is a great deal of overall flexibility so as to still enjoy most of your favorite foods. Just abide by the overall rules that I’ve mentioned. The following is a listing of many of the things I take in for supper:

one. Lentil soup, split pea soup, or vegetable soup, (my vegetable soup has meat in it. )

2. Pizza built having an Ezekiel 4:nine tortilla, pizza sauce, and mozzarella.

three. Complete grain spaghetti with sauteacute;ed mushrooms and veggies while in the sauce.

4. Tough boiled egg, an apple, plain yogurt combined with vanilla and Stevia, along with a do it yourself muffin, (built with entire wheat flour and Stevia).

5. Black beans and brown rice, that has a small vitamin C fruit, (peach, pear, or an apple. )

six. Ezekiel four:nine toast with sugar free pure peanut butter.

seven. Millet, (a grain much like rice but much healthier. ) and ground fava beans and marinated hen.

I do not generally contain the willpower to take in the best Protocel diet regime. I do consume 2 cups of coffee day to day, 1 cup in the morning and 1 cup while in the afternoon. Coffee doesn’t interfere with Protocel but most cancer diet plans strictly prohibit espresso. It is also tough to be great when ingesting within a restaurant and from time to time I scarf down 2 or three items of pizza. I have also been known to go face initially to the basket of chips at the Mexican restaurant. I also share the occasional Food plan Pepsi with my son. Sweets don’t tempt me that A lot but in some cases I take in sugar free of charge ice cream sweetened with Splenda, or perhaps a several bites of some cake or a cookie. I really do test to help keep this type of blatant dishonest to a bare minimum having said that and typically only slip up about a couple of times a week.

Something which i’m rather disciplined about is making sure that I acquire my Protocel on an vacant tummy. I constantly take Protocel not less than frac12; hour or preferably forty five minutes just before and after a food. I also drink plenty of pure water.

To help you see there is a large amount of flexibility using your eating plan although on Protocel, and there is a lot of room to get pleasure from your preferred foods with just a few changes like switching to Stevia as opposed to sugar and complete wheat flour instead of white flour. I have discovered that producing these small improvements in my diet program is really painless and I do not truly feel deprived of ingesting my favorite foods. This really is only a basic guideline and I don’t assert to grasp every one of the solutions, but I needed to share the data that I’ve uncovered to test to give you the most effective possibility at accomplishing achievements though using Protocel

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